NOTEBOOK: You Live and You Learn

“You live and you learn.”

That’s something I was always told growing up. When something went wrong, when I made a wrong choice, any time I got hard on myself about something I did, it was always: “You live and you learn.”

I’m someone who hates to make mistakes. I’m very Type A and somewhat a perfectionist.

I have a fear of looking silly, unprepared and disappointing people. However, I’ve found that there is no way to learn in this life if there’s not some ups and downs and making the wrong choice to figure out how to make the right one.

The big story floating around the high school football scene is Pinnacle’s Spencer Rattler and the end of his high school football career because of a violation of the district’s code of conduct.

I’ve seen a lot of speculation on social media about what exactly happened and that’s all that it is, speculation. I do not know with 100% certainty what the offense was. The people who do know are the ones who are close to the situation and that’s fine.

I don’t think many of us haven’t made mistakes, so for people to be taking to social media condemning the kid for screwing up, look back and think of yourself at 18 and tell me there’s not something in your life you wish you could take back.

I’m not by any means saying you should go out and intentionally do something you know is wrong and call it a mistake, no, be smart. But if you’re sitting here telling me you haven’t made a questionable choice in your life, you’re probably lying to yourself.

I think that the administration and the team handled this the right way.

I saw some remarks questioning why Rattler was disciplined now and not after the playoffs, because now it seems Pinnacle’s state title hopes are dashed.

First of all, if it was handled later, there would be criticism about why it wasn’t handled earlier, so either way they can’t win.

Second of all, and Rattler would be the first to say it I’m sure, this Pinnacle team is not out of the fight with him gone.

I saw firsthand at the beginning of the season the potential this team has even without Rattler.

When he went down with an ankle injury against Mountain Pointe in the second game of the season, junior JD Johnson stepped up and had a great showing. It was a preview of what 2019 would look like for the Pioneers. Well, what we were looking forward to in 2019 is just here a earlier than expected.

I wish Rattler the best and hope he can learn from the mistake he made as I know all of us have learned from our mistakes.