Spring evaluation period

Spring evaluation period

For those that don’t know, Spring evaluation period started last Monday. What exactly is it? Last Monday was the first time college coaches could travel on the road to high schools and junior colleges to gather film, talk to coaches about players, gather transcripts, etc. The one thing they are not allowed to do is visit with the prospect.

North Canyon freshman sprinter has all-nation speed

For most lady sprinters, if you want to be a Division I collegiate runner in the 400 meters, you have to at least break one minute. North Canyon’s Jasmine Gray has accomplished that, and then some as a freshman.

High school football recruiting update

Recruiting Update: 4/12 *Probably the biggest news story effecting college football over the past week has been the scandal at Arkansas with the firing of Bobby Petrino. It does effect…

Offers for 2013 recruits off to fast start

For the 2013 recruiting class, the past few weeks have been crazy! Players are hauling in offers at a rapid pace. And the offers are from big time programs. This…