What is being done to protect teens with sports injuries

On average, over 30 million high school teens in the United States participate in an organized sport. But at what cost are your children paying for merely playing a game? You think about some of the sports that teens play recreationally and label them as a “good extracurricular activity”.

Kids with guns

Armed and apt, senior Tiffany Phan walks into Shooter’s World, armed with a gun that is no stranger. The weapon belongs to her father but if needed she has access to it whether it be for protection purposes or sport.

Blog: Teamwork is a must

After finalizing the little details in my and Colette’s foreign exchange student story, I have come to the realization that it is important to work as a team if more than one person is going to work on a story.

Foreign exchange lifestyle

Anyone who has ever moved from their hometown knows that wherever their next destination may be, things will be slightly different. For Junior Vivienne Reyes, these changes are drastic.