Sande Sez- Mental Health During the Pandemic

Dr. Michelle Tom is a Dr. right here in the state of Arizona, fighting on the front lines of the corona virus. She is hands-on with COVID-19 patience. Tom is also a former Arizona State Sun Devil. She played Women’s Basketball under ASU’s Charli Turner Thorne.  Dr. Tom and I got to talking about the pandemic and what people can do to protect themselves.  She mentions, “wearing a mask, washing your hands and supporting your immune system.” Interestingly enough, the conversation took a turn toward mental health, and I was so relieved to hear the words that she was saying. 
Here we are four months into this sports shutdown, working from home, and if I am honest, mentally, it is day by day, minute by minute. I’m so used to being at a studio or on a field that this day in and out of being at home is taking its toll. So to hear Dr. Tom mention that part of COVID protection is taking care of your mental state I was hooked. I am so used to hurry, hurry, go, go, that I never let myself stop and think or feel. 
Mentally, this pandemic is affecting us all. The athletes that aren’t sure if they will have a season, the reporters not sure when they will be allowed back on the field, small business losing money and business every day. Stress and anxiety are at an all-time high, and brothers and sisters I feel you and see you. Mentally it’s a struggle not knowing if there will ever be an end in sight. Alas, I have hope and faith that there is a light at the be of the tunnel. And like Dr. Tom mentions, “call a friend, face time a friend or telemedicine a Dr.” 
Whatever works for you, do it. Maybe it’s running. Perhaps it’s home yoga. Keep going. I am right here with you. We will cross the finish line. Imagine us all hand in hand at the end of this, and we get to say I DID IT. I DID NOT GIVE UP. The brain is like a muscle, and we have to work it out every day, forcing it to keep moving and get stronger—hand in hand.