Sports360AZ All-Academic Track & Field Team (Division III)

For eight years, Sport360AZ has been committed to acknowledging the best and brightest student-athletes in Arizona.

While the spring sports season has been cut short, we still wanted to recognize how these athletes continue to thrive in unprecedented circumstances.

The high school sports community responded.

We are excited to introduce the Sports360AZ All-Academic Spring Sports Teams brought to you by Venezia’s Pizzeria and IBEW Local 640 to recognize the excellence of student-athletes not only in athletics but in the classroom as well.

The 2020 Sports360AZ All-Academic Spring Team is the largest group of nominees we’ve received in the history of the award. This year’s spring team nearly quadrupled last year’s total. Additionally, the 2020 All-Academic Track team is the largest individual team we’ve had in eight years of recognizing these students.

Thank you for your support of these student-athletes!

A few notes on how the team was compiled: 

Sports360AZ reached out to every athletic director in the state, as well as every varsity head coach for the above sports requesting nominations based on performance in the classroom. We also opened up nominations to parents and players as well. This is the only way to be named to the all-academic team.

Thank you to the high school community for recognizing these student-athletes!

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Thank you so much for your nominations, and be sure to use #Sports360AZScholars when sharing these teams on social media.

First Team

Aranea DunckleySaguaro5.0 weighted GPA
Nina HamelSaguaro4.9 weighted GPA
Joel DiazArizona College Prep4.8 weighted GPA
Valeria ZavalzaPoston Butte4.75 weighted GPA
Kellen GibsonArizona College Prep4.7 weighted GPA
Daneil LeePeoria4.7 weighted GPA
Suzzanne BigelowPeoria4.7 weighted GPA
Adam VekonyPusch Ridge 4.69 weighted GPA
Levi TuckfieldCombs4.67 weighted GPA
Laurel MorganYoungker4.67 weighted GPA
Cam NashSaguaro4.67 weighted GPA
Madasin FarrowBradshaw Mountain4.65 weighted GPA
Austin HammondPoston Butte4.64 weighted GPA
Bethany ClaperoPusch Ridge 4.63 weighted GPA
Carter PattenArizona College Prep4.6 weighted GPA
Deven KukrejaArizona College Prep4.6 weighted GPA
Michelle BrownleePoston Butte4.6 weighted GPA
Nathaniel DunckleySaguaro4.6 weighted GPA
Kayde BlumBradshaw Mountain4.59 weighted GPA
Taylor PorterShadow Mountain4.56 weighted GPA
Miles HammondPoston Butte4.54 weighted GPA
Alexis YoungPoston Butte4.50 weighted GPA
Anna FahlmanSeton Catholic4.50 weighted GPA
Alex GilchristArizona College Prep4.5 weighted GPA
Paislee TurnerBradshaw Mountain4.5 weighted GPA
Lucy HerbertSaguaro4.5 weighted GPA
Joesph MusilShadow Mountain4.5 weighted GPA
Cara SuperShadow Mountain4.47 weighted GPA
Bridgette AbbottShadow Mountain4.47 weighted GPA
Alisa BerryBradshaw Mountain4.45 weighted GPA
Sarah McLawsPoston Butte4.45 weighted GPA
Elanna FieldGilbert Christian4.43 weighted GPA
Nicole TouheyPoston Butte4.43 weighted GPA
Marlin GonzalezBradshaw Mountain4.42 weighted GPA
Josh MorrisSeton Catholic4.40 weighted GPA
Noah DeCaroSeton Catholic4.40 weighted GPA
Noah DeCaroSeton Catholic4.40 weighted GPA
David SavageBradshaw Mountain4.4 weighted GPA
Carmen KatholSaguaro4.4 weighted GPA
Parker MarriottSaguaro4.4 weighted GPA
Sophia WIllSaguaro4.39 weighted GPA
Kaylie HilligBradshaw Mountain4.38 weighted GPA
Brian KennedyShadow Mountain4.35 weighted GPA
Ava SchimitisBradshaw Mountain4.33 weighted GPA
Noah WatkinsPoston Butte4.33 weighted GPA
Peyton KrahlingGilbert Christian4.32 weighted GPA
Sarah MackShadow Mountain4.31 weighted GPA
Isaiah AmadorCombs4.30 weighted GPA
Anthony RamosSeton Catholic4.30 weighted GPA
Emma DaveySeton Catholic4.30 weighted GPA
Jack RodriguezSeton Catholic4.30 weighted GPA
Peyton KrahlingGilbert Christian4.3 weighted GPA
Mark FieldGilbert Christian4.3 weighted GPA
Aurora DarglePoston Butte4.3 weighted GPA
Broc BergSaguaro4.3 weighted GPA
Eliza StowellSahuarita4.3 weighted GPA
Ben JohnsonGilbert Christian4.29 weighted GPA
Benjamin JohnsonGilbert Christian4.29 weighted GPA
Brynna McQuillenVista Grande4.29 weighted GPA
Aurora CoronaBradshaw Mountain4.28 weighted GPA
Tenley GarnerBradshaw Mountain4.28 weighted GPA
Ella GuilesShadow Mountain4.27 weighted GPA
Josh MaignanFlorence4.26 weighted GPA
Noah ShaverBradshaw Mountain4.25 weighted GPA
Caitlynn NealBradshaw Mountain4.23 weighted GPA
Daniel HaleBradshaw Mountain4.23 weighted GPA
Sarah JohnsonGilbert Christian4.22 weighted GPA
Ayden HoytGilbert Christian4.21 weighted GPA
Christopher YeeSaguaro4.20 weighted GPA
Julia HendriskeSeton Catholic4.20 weighted GPA
Dominic CosentinoSeton Catholic4.20 weighted GPA
Alex McEwanSaguaro4.2 weigthed GPA
Joseph CraigBradshaw Mountain4.2 weighted GPA
Zach RankinsSaguaro4.2 weighted GPA
Bri ArizmendiSalpointe Catholic4.19 weighted GPA
Reagan KraftSalpointe Catholic4.19 weighted GPA
Sierra NielsenGilbert Christian4.17 weighted GPA
Sierra NielsenGilbert Christian4.17 weighted GPA
AJ KrahlingGilbert Christian4.14 weighted GPA
TJ MillerGilbert Christian4.14 weighted GPA
Jena MonaSalpointe Catholic4.14 weighted GPA
Kylie WildSalpointe Catholic4.11 weighted GPA
Maria KufahlSeton Catholic4.10 weighted GPA
Keaton MesseroleArizona College Prep4.1 weighted GPA
Noah CroftArizona College Prep4.1 weighted GPA
Octavio DiazArizona College Prep4.1 weighted GPA
Taeylor ReecePoston Butte4.1 weighted GPA
Rowan McCulloughSaguaro4.1 weighted GPA
Gabriel MaldonadoBradshaw Mountain4.08 weighted GPA
Jacob GeileSalpointe Catholic4.06 weighted GPA
Paris PrenticeBradshaw Mountain4.04 weighted GPA
William WatkinsPoston Butte4.03 weighted GPA
Matteo OrlandoShadow Mountain4.02 weighted GPA
Ethan CarrascoSeton Catholic4.00 weighted GPA
Lily NajorSeton Catholic4.00 weighted GPA
Ryan OppenSeton Catholic4.00 weighted GPA
Sasha DanielSeton Catholic4.00 weighted GPA
Kylie McCloudYuma Catholic4.00 unweighted GPA
Luis RoblesYuma Catholic4.00 unweighted GPA
Mario RamoYuma Catholic4.00 unweighted GPA
Marisol ArvisoYuma Catholic4.00 unweighted GPA
Reese SellersYuma Catholic4.00 unweighted GPA
Rylie StevensonYuma Catholic4.00 unweighted GPA
Sofia HebdaYuma Catholic4.00 unweighted GPA
Caleb YoungBradshaw Mountain4.0 weighted GPA
Matthew McMinnimyPayson4.0 unweighted GPA
Alyssa BoerstPayson4.0 unweighted GPA
Autumn ClinePayson4.0 unweighted GPA
Michael ClinePayson4.0 unweighted GPA
Connor FaustPayson4.0 unweighted GPA
Porter FlakePayson4.0 unweighted GPA
Cole GoldmanPayson4.0 unweighted GPA
Matthew KesterPayson4.0 unweighted GPA
Mya MercadoPayson4.0 unweighted GPA
Baylee NorthPayson4.0 unweighted GPA
Winifred PainePayson4.0 unweighted GPA
McKenzie SarnowskiPayson4.0 unweighted GPA
Lydia SchoutenPayson4.0 unweighted GPA
Carmen Isabella SpearPayson4.0 unweighted GPA

Honorable Mention

Abigail Kruse – Gilbert Christian Schools – 3.86 weighted GPA
Abigail Long – Payson – 3.7 unweighted GPA
Adam Shirley-Lucero – Seton Catholic – 3.00 unweighted GPA
Alayzia Love – Peoria – 3.85 weighted GPA
Alexander Harris – Salpointe Catholic – 3.58 weighted GPA
Alexia Marin – Yuma Catholic – 3.80 unweighted GPA
Alexis Clynes – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.59 weighted GPA
Alexis Lambert – Salpointe Catholic – 3.96 weighted GPA
Alexis Toothman – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.83 weighted GPA
Alina Avelar Bustamante – Yuma Catholic – 3.78 unweighted GPA
Alysa Trevino – Seton Catholic – 3.54 unweighted GPA
Alyson Cleland – Seton Catholic – 3.50 weighted GPA
Amber Hermansen – Bourgade Catholic – 3.1 unweighted GPA
Analisa Rael – Seton Catholic – 3.80 weighted GPA
Ann Uy – Seton Catholic – 3.60 weighted GPA
Annie Siefert – Seton Catholic – 3.00 unweighted GPA
Anthony Kizior – Seton Catholic – 3.80 weighted GPA
Anthony Palamino – Seton Catholic – 3.60 weighted GPA
Anthony Villella – Salpointe Catholic – 3.72 weighted GPA
Ashley Baumer – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.5 unweighted GPA
Aston Stamatopoulos – Salpointe Catholic – 3.80 weighted GPA
Austin Rush – Yuma Catholic – 3.76 unweighted GPA
Autumn Lynch – Payson – 3.6 unweighted GPA
Ava Wagner – Pusch Ridge – 3.62 unweighted GPA
Bella Estes – Seton Catholic – 3.40 unweighted GPA
Benjamin Maurer-Sasser – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.85 weighted GPA
Benjamin Thomas – Salpointe Catholic – 3.70 weighted GPA
Brannon Weatherby – Yuma Catholic – 3.62 unweighted GPA
Bria Coleman – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.6 weighted GPA
Brian Gerkensmeyer – Peoria – 3.65 weighted GPA
Bryce Chen – Arizona College Prep – 3.9 weighted GPA
Cadence White – Payson – 3.5 unweighted GPA
Caleb Harman – Yuma Catholic – 3.86 unweighted GPA
Cameron Lawseth – Yuma Catholic – 3.60 unweighted GPA
Camila Gutierrez – Yuma Catholic – 3.64 unweighted GPA
Camila Palacios – Yuma Catholic – 3.71 unweighted GPA
Cara Self – Seton Catholic – 3.92 weighted GPA
Carlos Lenzi – Seton Catholic – 3.10 unweighted GPA
Cheyenne Nietgo – Seton Catholic – 3.20 weighted GPA
Cierra Foster – Peoria – 3.76 weighted GPA
Claire Hancock – Payson – 3.8 unweighted GPA
Clarise Moran – Seton Catholic – 3.20 unweighted GPA
Connor Hatch – Payson – 3.9 unweighted GPA
Cosette Milyard – Seton Catholic – 3.40 unweighted GPA
Daisy Zwick – Youngker – 3.7 weighted GPA
Darby MacFarlane – Payson – 3.9 unweighted GPA
Denton Robinson – Pusch Ridge Christian Academy – 3.98 weighted GPA
Derek Stanley – Yuma Catholic – 3.86 unweighted GPA
Devon Schmidt-Black – Yuma Catholic – 3.95 unweighted GPA
Diego Marquez – Salpointe Catholic – 3.89 weighted GPA
Dylan Sharkey – Gilbert Christian – 3.65 unweighted GPA
Ean Broussard – Poston Butte – 3.9 weighted GPA
EJ Cleland – Seton Catholic – 3.80 weighted GPA
Eleanor Tuck – Salpointe Catholic – 3.89 weighted GPA
Elizabeth Waypa – Seton Catholic – 3.00 unweighted GPA
Ella Neilson – Gilbert Christian – 3.5 unweighted GPA
Ellie Bennett – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.6 weighted GPA
Elliot Shewbridge – Seton Catholic – 3.40 unweighted GPA
Emilie Follett – Gilbert Christian – 3.57 unweighted GPA
Emily Castro – Poston Butte – 3.7 weighted GPA
Emily Collard – Gilbert Christian – 3.5 unweighted GPA
Emily Martinez – Yuma Catholic – 3.53 unweighted GPA
Emma Paine – Payson – 3.9 unweighted GPA
Emmanuel Corral – Pusch Ridge Christian Academy – 3.83 weighted GPA
Estaban Martinez – Seton Catholic – 3.20 unweighted GPA
Ethan Rodriguez-Story – Saguaro – 3.53 weigthed GPA
Eva Joost – Chandler Prep – 3.8 weighted GPA
Faith Haught – Payson – 3.7 unweighted GPA
Gannon Crist – Poston Butte – 3.5 weighted GPA
Gillian Paitsel – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.7 weighted GPA
Grady Beach – Combs – 3.63 weighted GPA
Hayden Papp – Seton Catholic – 3.20 unweighted GPA
Hayden Smith – Gilbert Christian – 3.29 unweighted GPA
Hunter Stanfield – Payson – 3.8 unweighted GPA
Irankunda Eveline – Salpointe Catholic – 3.89 weighted GPA
Isabel Torok – Yuma Catholic – 3.75 unweighted GPA
Isabella Macias-Pena – Seton Catholic – 3.50 weighted GPA
Isabella Macias-Pena – Seton Catholic – 3.50 weighted GPA
Isaiah Bayard – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.59 weighted GPA
Jace Feely – Gilbert Christian – 3.35 unweighted GPA
Jack Hallberg – Yuma Catholic – 3.71 unweighted GPA
Jacob Dickinson – Gilbert Christian – 3.2 unweighted GPA
Jacob Fitzhugh – Payson – 3.6 unweighted GPA
Jacob Neal – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.85 weighted GPA
Jada Bourne – Peoria – 3.85 weighted GPA
Jase Barksdale – Yuma Catholic – 3.57 unweighted GPA
Jasmine Castro-Saravia – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.87 weighted GPA
Jazmin Vargas – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.83 weighted GPA
Jernei Johnson – Salpointe Catholic – 3.68 weighted GPA
John Harris – Salpointe Catholic – 3.76 weighted GPA
Jordan Harger – Payson – 3.7 unweighted GPA
Jordyn Kyle – Payson – 3.6 unweighted GPA
Jordyn Stevens – Poston Butte – 3.67 unweighted GPA
Jose Jimenez – Yuma Catholic – 3.57 unweighted GPA
Joseph Boyer – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.94 weighted GPA
Josh Camberg – Seton Catholic – 3.00 unweighted GPA
Joshua Grant – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.93 weighted GPA
Joslyn Lewis – Payson – 3.5 unweighted GPA
Julie Lawrence – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.77 weighted GPA
Julio Castaneda – Poston Butte – 3.49 unweighted
Justin Keegan – Payson – 3.7 unweighted GPA
Kaelyn Xavier – Gilbert Christian – 3.43 unweighted GPA
Kayla Cline – Payson – 3.8 unweighted GPA
Keegan Monks – Seton Catholic – 3.40 unweighted GPA
Kelly Beilfuss – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.95 weighted GPA
Kemel Gross – Yuma Catholic – 3.86 unweighted GPA
Kett Anderson – Combs – 3.39 unweighted GPA
Khalil Cooper – Poston Butte – 3.56 weighted GPA
Kyle Vonnahme – Peoria – 3.8 weighted GPA
Kylee Callahan – Salpointe Catholic – 3.964 weighted gpa
Kylie Meeden – Seton Catholic – 3.70 weighted GPA
Kylie Meerchaum – Yuma Catholic – 3.94 unweighted GPA
Kylie Richtig – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.5 weighted GPA
Lance Beckner – Payson – 3.9 unweighted GPA
Landree Ryden – Payson – 3.9 unweighted GPA
Lexi Schnepf – Combs – 3.61 weighted GPA
Lilli Juve – Gilbert Christian – 3.43 unweighted GPA
Lily Imai – Yuma Catholic – 3.96 unweighted GPA
Lola Ngabie – Seton Catholic – 3.9 weighted GPA
Luke Stallworth – Yuma Catholic – 3.57 unweighted GPA
MaKenzie Brade – Payson – 3.6 unweighted GPA
Malakai Dotstry – Youngker – 3.14 unweighted GPA
Marcus McWilliams – Gilbert Christian – 3.2 unweighted GPA
Mario Martinez – Yuma Catholic – 3.59 unweighted GPA
Marissa Lopez – Sahuarita – 3.90 weighted GPA
Mason Davies – Saguaro – 3.6 weigthed GPA
Matthew Schillne – Gilbert Christian – 3.62 weighted GPA
McKenzie Ball – Payson – 3.8 unweighted GPA
Miles Kruse – Gilbert Christian – 3.59 unweighted GPA
Naomi Brame – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.5 weighted GPA
Natali Delgado – Yuma Catholic – 3.87 unweighted GPA
Nathan Lind – Seton Catholic – 3.30 unweighted GPA
Nick DiPuccio – Seton Catholic – 3.10 unweighted GPA
Octavious Joe – Poston Butte – 3.27 unweighted GPA
Paige Creasy – Payson – 3.9 unweighted GPA
Parker Pelletier – Salpointe Catholic – 3.63 weighted GPA
PJ Ermeija – Seton Catholic – 3.90 weighted GPA
Richard Williams – Arizona College Prep – 3.9 weighted GPA
Robyn Wilson – Payson – 3.9 unweighted GPA
Ryan Walker – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.33 unweighted GPA
Samantha Semaan – Seton Catholic – 3.30 unweighted GPA
Sammy McHale – Seton Catholic – 3.70 weighted GPA
Sasha Ganem – Salpointe Catholic – 3.83 weighted GPA
Seth Redford – Payson – 3.6 unweighted GPA
Shalee Heron – Payson – 3.7 unweighted GPA
Simon Taunima – Combs – 3.51 weighted GPA
Simone Stephens – Saguaro – 3.5 unweighted GPA
Stephanie Cosentino – Seton Catholic – 3.60 weighted GPA
Sydney Mixon – Poston Butte – 3.77 weighted GPA
Tara Boyd – Payson – 3.9 unweighted GPA
Tayler Thomas – Salpointe Catholic – 3.82 weighted GPA
Theo Rush – Yuma Catholic – 3.63 unweighted GPA
Titus King – Bradshaw Mountain – 3.75 weighted GPA
Unique Zuniga – Saguaro – 3.21 unweighted GPA
Valentina Gutierrez – Yuma Catholic – 3.89 unweighted GPA
Zoey Delgado – Salpointe Catholic – 3.88 weighted GPA