Fan Experience at ISM Worth the Price…

Zoom, Zoom, NASCAR dropped into the Valley for the weekend. I don’t pretend to know the inside skinny on the Sport of Speed, but I do like going out to the race. ISM has come in and reinvigorated the facility.
I have a hard time gapping a spark plug, so spending time in the garages or pit row watching the crews work on engines, isn’t my cup of tea.
I do like talking to the drivers. I don’t have a favorite. Can’t have that in our business, even when it comes to NASCAR.
From a fans perspective, the “WOW” factor of what ISM has done with the track, and the access for the paying public can’t be understated.
You have to give race fans a reason to plunk down their entertainment dollar and ISM delivers on that front. Gone are the days where grabbing a seat and watching the cars go round and round. The infield is now fan accessible (for a daily fee $25-$30 bucks when you buy a grandstand seat).
Margaritas’ can be bought steps from the garage. Victory Lane access is better for the fans than even the media. I can go on and but it’s worth the time and the price.