ASU Dancin’ Again, Cards Busy Off-Season Continues, Kyle Dodd, “The Professor” Paola Boivin,’s Chris Karpman

Jordan Hamm in for Brad Monday to talk about ASU sliding back into March Madness where they’ll face St. John’s Wednesday night in Dayton. ASU color analyst Kyle Dodd (10:45 on podcast) talked about their Pac-12 Tournament run over the weekend and what he expects from this group moving forward. “The Professor” Paola Boivin (24:29 on podcast) talked ASU, as well the Cardinals’ off-season flurry of moves and what lies ahead with the number one pick. Plus, Publisher and good friend of the show Chris Karpman (30:44 on podcast) talked about ASU’s big Junior Day Sunday in Tempe and how the Sun Devils are hoping to make a bigger splash in-state under Herm Edwards.