Fabiano’s Fantasy Focus: Week Six, Volume II

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Every week during the season NFL Network and NFL.com Senior Fantasy Analyst Michael Fabiano joins Sports360AZ.com’s Brad Cesmat to share his insight on building and developing your fantasy team for success.

Here are some hi-lights from our most recent conversation (October 9th) with the Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association Hall of Famer.

From reports it sounds like the Eagles and Bills have discussed a LeSean McCoy deal. If that were to happen, how does Shady fit back with his old team? “Oh, it would be great! I mean, McCoy is not being utilized at all in Buffalo. Last week was his best game and he had right around 12 PPR points. If that’s the ceiling in Buffalo this season than that’s bad. So to go from a rookie quarterback and a bad offensive line and not much talent to the Eagles, forget about it. That would be a great fantasy move, no question about that. If McCoy is moved, anywhere is better than where he is right now.”

Is Alfred Morris now the featured back moving forward in San Francisco? “Yeah, until Matt Breida comes back it will be Alfred Morris and we saw that last week, he had 18 carries in his absence but don’t forget about Kyle Juszczyk because if you’re in a PPR league and there are a couple of teams on byes, this guy is good and San Francisco is going to be behind in a lot games which means a lot of passing in the second half. Juszczyk is a very sure-handed fullback. So Morris would certainly be one of the top two, three at most, pickups off the waiver wire this week but Juszczyk, in deeper leagues, is worth a look this week, as well.”

It seems like a weekly question here but where are you on James Conner?  “He had a great game last week and it seems like they sort of leaned on him and he played very well. I hear a lot of fantasy analysts out there saying they would try to sell high on James Connor but anybody who’s smart, in terms of fantasy football trades, they’re not going to take him. because Le’Veon Bell is going to come back. We don’t know when but he’s going to come back. He has to come back or he can’t be a free agent next season which is what this whole situation is all about. So if you can trade Connor to somebody right now I would absolutely do it. But when Bell comes back I can’t see a scenario where you’re looking at a backfield committee because I think the Steelers are going to utilize him.”

With Greg Zuerlein back from injury is he a must-start every week now?  “Yeah, no doubt. People make jokes when you talk about kickers but kickers can be very valuable in fantasy, as far as kickers go. But I’ve seen Zuerlein dropped in some leagues and if I’ve got a dead spot in my roster I’m picking him up. because this guy is good for 10-plus points almost on a regular basis and there are some instances where he can give you 16 to 18 playing behind this Rams’ offense because he gets so many opportunities. So he is somebody, if he’s been dropped in your league, I would grab him and stash him if you have that roster spot.”

I’ve seen Evan Engram floating around out there, guessing he’s worth a roster spot, right?  “I scoured through my leagues and I was actually able to pick him up in a couple of leagues because people dropped him thinking he was going to miss several weeks, now he’s back and it looks like he could play in Week Six so you always want to keep tabs on what the teams in your league are doing, in terms of their transactions and their add/drops and when a guy like that gets dropped, that is the time to swoop in and stash him until he comes back, especially at tight end because that position is a disaster this season.”

For those fantasy teams that may be out of the race at this point, how do you salvage your season? “Make trades and follow the waiver wire, you’re going to have a high claim. Don’t give up because you never know what can happen. As quickly as you go 0-5, maybe you pick up a couple wins in a row and then see what happens. I hate when I’m in leagues and people do bad and then just give up. Then you’re giving someone else in the league an easy win because you’re not setting you lineup or maybe not sitting players who are on byes or injured.”

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