Shifting Dollars: Suns Trade Chriss, Knight to Houston

Another former Phoenix Suns first round draft pick that didn’t work out. That’s one way you can look at the big trade between the Suns and Houston Rockets on Thursday night. 

Chriss came to Phoenix via trade on the night of the 2016 NBA Draft. He never hit his stride in Phoenix. I was never a fan of the organization making a big deal about how high he jumped or how big his dunks were. He was always in foul trouble. He was very limited defensively in my opinion. He goes down as another missed first round draft pick. No sugar-coating.

Knight turned out to be a non-factor during his time in Phoenix too.  He missed all of the 2017/18 season due to a torn ACL, was benched for the second half of the 2016-17 campaign due to a poor attitude. February of 2017 was the last time he played in a regular season NBA game. 

The Suns acquire a $20 million dollar per season (two years remaining) contract in Anderson. Do you think Trevor Ariza was consulted on this trade? I do. Ariza was a tremendous pickup by the Suns. Give this deal a chance. I can see the financial benefits down the road. This isn’t a playoff team in 2019. Look at the big picture.

Melton is the intriguing player. He was a second round draft pick for Houston this year. He was involved in an off-the-court situation at USC which kept him off the floor for the Trojans. At the Vegas Summer League, Melton played very good defense. On the surface this looks like a way to get rid of Knight’s big contract in exchange for Anderson’s.  Business, not basketball move, in my opinion.

Please relax on the Suns finding a point guard. There’s still a month to go before camp begins.