Triple Ace? Corbin Showing 2013 Breakout Stuff

Patrick Corbin has spent the past few years trying to recapture the magic of the 2013 season. His lone All-Star season, he threw 208.1 innings, winning 13 games with a 3.41 ERA in a breakout season.

A lot has happened from his career year to today: Tommy John surgery, getting his feet back under him, trade rumors this past offseason.

While a Zack Greinke’s injury may have opened up an opportunity for Corbin to be the Opening Day starter, the 28-year-old lefty is pitching like an ace.

Corbin notched a career-high 12 strikeouts on Wednesday afternoon and went three up three down six of the seven complete innings he pitched. He did all of this while throwing 98 pitches.

Through two starts, Corbin has thrown 13 innings, 20 strikeouts with a 1.38 ERA. That was also against the Rockies (#1 National League offense) and the Dodgers (#6 National League offense). The Dodgers, in particular, have had Corbin’s number, hitting .340 against him in 2017 where he sported a 5.07 ERA.

He’s throwing his fastball about 10% less of the time in the past two years and seeing his slider take many shapes.

“(I threw it) last year a little bit and I did well so it’s something I wanted to build off,” Corbin said. “Just talk to guys about and see if it keeps them off-balance.”

The setting of his two starts in 2018 have been geared towards his usual success. He historically pitches well early in the season (when healthy). At home last year, he had a 3.15 ERA as opposed to the 5.09 on the road.

However, his the splits from April 2013 and April 2018 are pretty similar albeit small.

April 2018: 13 IP, 8 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 20 K 1.38 ERA
April 2013: 12 IP, 11 H, 2 ER, 4 BB, 6 K, 1.50 ERA

Another link to this 2013 season? Wednesday was the first time since September 11, 2013 that Corbin beat the Dodgers.

Those strong home numbers can certainly improve thanks to a humidor, but predominantly when, ya know, batters make contact.

The Dodgers weren’t even doing that on Wednesday.

Los Angeles swung at 26 pitches delivered from Corbin.

They missed 17 times.


Yes, it’s early, but while each player continues to settle in to 2018, Corbin looks like a different pitcher. With what seems to be a stacked National League West, the Snakes will need him. 

Corbin is slated to pitch next on April 10th against the Giants at AT&T Park.