“This is the Best Fit for Me.” – Christian Kirk to the Cardinals

Christian Kirk, one of the best Arizona high school football players ever, is coming home to the Valley after the Arizona Cardinals selected him in the second round.

He shares his thoughts on what it means to him:

His draft experience

“It’s just, honestly, all so surreal. A lot of emotions All the hard work that’s been put in and how long this journey has been and to have this moment with my family and friends all around me. Obviously, to be able to come home and play for the hometown team. I’m a Valley kid born and raised. Just to be able to have this opportunity to go into the Cardinals organization and help make this organization better and to win games, when I got that phone call, it was just so surreal, there’s just no words to describe it.”

Following Larry Fitzgerald growing up

“He’s a mentor for me. He’s always been a guy that I looked up to not only on the field but off the field to carry myself and the things that he does in the community. I’m just so excited to get with him and and to be able to learn from a future Hall of Fame wide receiver to go out there and be able to play together.”

His relationship with first round selection Josh Rosen

“I’ve known Josh for a while, throughout high school and the camps and what not. Just to be able to already have built a relationship with him, I’m super pumped to have the opportunity to play with him and be able to work that out for the next couple years.”

Reuniting with fellow Saguaro alumni D.J. Foster

“D.J. has been a big brother to me and the fact that we’re able to be on the same team again, this is just awesome. We go way back and just to have another guy in my corner and to be able to help me with the transition just means a lot. To be honest with you, it feels like all the stars aligned. This is the best fit for me.”

When he started preparing for the NFL

“Five years old. Five years old was the first time I played tackle football and fell in love with it…It’s been my dream early and often. I’ve done everything in my power to get here. Now it’s time to flip the page, and start a new chapter and start a new journey.

Where he fits in the Arizona offense

“During my visit, we did have talks about playing both outside and inside. Just because (Larry Fitzgerald) is playing the slot, I will be most likely outside. Obviously, just being able to work that and get it down as fast as I can.”