Hey Robert, Thanks for the 2017-18 Season…

Hi Robert, 

Hard to believe that the season has ended again so soon. Actually, this one started and pretty much ended within a week when you fired your head coach. 

I am sure that we are going to hear the same talking points from Ryan and yourself this offseason. How “frustrating and disappointing” this season was, but there were some “bright spots” and “we have assets”. Much like the movie Titanic, I’ve figured out how this story ends every year. The value of the franchise goes up, the team goes another year without sniffing the postseason. Am I wrong?

Not participating in a playoff game since May 27th 2010, and having the value of the franchise zoom upwards is certainly impressive. Yes, Suns Charities still does amazing work in the community. Yes, there are some very,very good and talented people who have been in the organization through the glory years and now the darkest of dark days. I have NO DOUBT that you know that  Forbes had your franchise valued at $411 million dollars in 2010,  the last time your team had a playoff game. This year Forbes had the team pegged at 1.280 billion dollars, even though you haven’t had ONE playoff appearance in that eight year span. Am I being repetitive? Just following your lead.

So now that you’ve accomplished another losing season and posted the worst record in the entire NBA,  you’re set up to land the number one pick in the draft and hire a new head coach(your 6th in 8 years). It appears that Josh Jackson figured out at the All-Star break that being left off the All–Star weekend festivities as the fourth overall pick in the draft should be a wake up call. He showed some glimpses. Booker is Booker, he’s great. But anyone who’s not critical of what you’ve done to this once proud franchise, is simply on your payroll or afraid to speak the truth. Owning a team is a public trust. You seem like you would understand that, but the scoreboard doesn’t lie. 232-326 record since your last playoff game doesn’t show a commitment to winning. 

Your MVP this season, was once again Al McCoy. The Hall of Fame voice had to prepare for games that were almost assuredly going to be blowout defeats. But you could never hear it in his smooth, crisp voice. He described and sold your product as the true professional that he is. Never skipped a beat, even with a dreadful product on the floor most nights.

Anyways, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how I felt about the job you’ve done with the franchise and the just-completed season. I’ve seen 25 years of Suns basketball. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t bother to write. Please figure it out…