Cardinals’ Kirk, Rosen’s relationship goes back to high school

The Arizona Cardinals first and second round selections in the 2018 NFL Draft have a relationship that goes back to high school during their college recruitment days.

First round selection, quarterback Josh Rosen and second round selection, wide receiver Christian Kirk took their official visits to UCLA together when they were being recruited in high school.

“We were real close during recruiting,” Kirk said. “We were both talking about going to UCLA together early off in our recruitment process. We actually took our official visits to UCLA together and spent a lot of time at the Opening and things like that. He was always a good friend of mine. We stayed in touch throughout college.”

Kirk had nothing but high praise for the Cardinals newest quarterback.

“He’s an awesome player,” Kirk said. “In my opinion, he’s the best quarterback in this draft. Being able to have him here and knowing that we’re going to be able to build a relationship, and obviously score a lot of touchdowns, and catch a lot of passes from him, I’m just excited for him and excited to have him.”

For Kirk, being drafted by his hometown team and living out his dream where it all started is “surreal,” he said.

“Being a home town kid and growing up here, I’ve always been a Cardinals fan,” Kirk said. “It’s crazy how everything just goes full circle. In high school, we’d get the opportunities to go down to Cardinals games and go down on the field. I always just remember stepping on the field and just always dreaming about maybe one day playing on that field.”

Kirk said he is “100 percent ready” to contribute to the Cardinals right away.

“I know that is why Mr. Bidwill, Mr. Keim and Coach Wilks drafted me,” Kirk said. “They wanted me to come in and play and help them win games. At the end of the day, that is what I am here to do. Whatever I have to do, whether it is special teams, playing wide receiver, I am just here to help win games and that is all I want to do.”

Kirk will wear number 13 as a Cardinal. Cardinal quarterback legend Kurt Warner also wore 13. 

“I have to rock it well,” Kirk said. “I have a lot to live up to.”