A Few Notes On Josh Rosen’s Press Conference

The Arizona Cardinals’ first-round selection, Josh Rosen, was introduced to the media on Friday after being selected 10th overall in the 2018 NFL Draft. Here are a few of his most interesting comments from his media availability:

About that “Nine Mistakes” Comment

Rosen was not shy on Thursday night about where he thought he should have been selected. He felt he should have been a top-three pick and frankly didn’t like being the fourth quarterback selected. 

On Friday, Rosen adjusted his comment. He didn’t necessarily think ten mistakes were made, but three.

“I would say that I’m not as angry there were nine guys ahead of me, just three quarterbacks. That’s kind of what gets to me,” Rosen said. “There were three big mistakes ahead of me.”

But, the former UCLA quarterback said he is happy with how it worked out.

“Honestly, it’s a blessing in disguise,” Rosen said. “This is an unbelievable, unbelievable team that is really, really primed and set to do some incredible things in the future and I think I very simply just lucked out.”

“Star Trek Mind-Meld”

When asked about how a quarterback and offensive coordinator should work together, he had this out-of-the-box, but very specific answer.

“I always compare it to a Star Trek mind-meld,” Rosen said.

“I’m basically trying to take his brain and put as much of his brain as I can into mine, so that when we go on the field, if I’m making a check or if I’m making a decision, he in his head is making the same decision at the same exact time. So, being a quarterback is about being quick and decisive. If (there’s) as little gray area as a buffer between you and your offensive coordinator as can be, the better.”

Show Don’t Tell

Some critiqued Josh Rosen saying his outside interests and opinions equated to his not loving the football. The newly-drafted quarterback said talking about topic is now behind him, and he can go to the field to display his love of the game.

“Throughout the scouting process, you had to come up with answers to try and convince people you love the game and stuff,” Rosen said. “I’m lucky now. I got picked. I can just show people. I can just come in to work each and every day and show people over time. I don’t have to answer; I can actually just produce the proof in the pudding.”