Rising FC Needs to Win to Attract MLS

Major League Soccer is soooo close to coming to Phoenix. In just 20 months, a local ownership group has put everything in place to attract another Professional  League to come to the Valley. All that is left is the team to perform on the field, fans to show up at the gate, and MLS formally inviting Phoenix to join their League.  

Saturday night Rising FC opens their home portion of the 2018 season, meeting OKC Energy at 7:30. The buzz that I am hearing from around the Valley sports scene isn’t so much about the results on the pitch, it’s more about “Are we getting MLS or not?” .  Much like the Diamondbacks arrival back in 1998, most fans are just happy to have a soccer team, winning hasn’t become that big of deal to them..YET…

Fans showing up at the stadium is going to become part of the story line at some point this season. MLS isn’t going to want to come to a market that doesn’t have a packed stadium. I can say with full confidence that the owners have done a terrific job of using their resources to put together a dynamic vision to show Major League Soccer. They unveiled schematics for a new stadium. They brought in more investment dollars. Well known brands are starting to put some of their marketing dollars into the franchise. But there’s still work to be done on the field. A postseason birth and more than a few sold-out  matches would certainly strengthen Rising FC’ case . It takes a winner to get butts in the seats here in Phoenix, that’s just the way it is. The franchise has won at most every turn off the field, now it’s time to win on the scoreboard.