Ramos Wins First State Wrestling Title for Casteel

Story by Perry Cohen 

Ramon Ramos made Casteel High School history at the 2018 Arizona High School Wrestling Championships.

Ramos, who is just a freshman, became Casteel’s first state wrestling champion since the school opened three years ago.

IMG_2399The 120-pound wrestler set his sights on a state championship early in the school year, making sure to never miss time on the mats.

“I would always go to practice after school,” Ramos told Sports360AZ.com. “If I needed to go to tutoring I would make sure to go in the morning so I wouldn’t miss practice. I would always be there.”

His preparation quickly made him into one of the top wrestlers in the state. The freshman champ finished his season with an undefeated 47-0 record.

Since Casteel has had such a short history, they still do not have a senior class.

Casteel’s hall of fame wrestling coach, Bob Callison, has Ramos for three more years and hopes to earn more championships in the future.