Baseball comes together to support Alzheimer’s research

The baseball world is rallying together in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Athletes, coaches and fans from around the league and beyond have tweeted about donating a dollar amount for every hit or strikeout recorded during Spring Training to Mariners’ prospect Braden Bishop’s 4MOM Charity benefitting Alzheimer’s research.

The movement started with Braden’s tweet on Feb. 7, proposing that he would donate a specific amount per hit he got during the spring. Then Twitter worked it’s magic and more people began to join the cause.

The amounts pledged on Twitter range from $1 to $20 for every hit or strikeout during the spring. Some are now even pledging for double-plays turned or caught stealing by catchers from specific teams.

Those who have tweeted their support include Diamondbacks’ third baseman Jake Lamb, who played with Braden at Washington, former Arizona players JJ Matijevic, Bobby Dalbec, Nathan Bannister, JC Cloney, Louis Boyd and Zach Gibbons, former ASU players Darin Gillies, Ryan Burr, and Colby Woodmansee and GCU pitching coach Rich Dorman. 

Braden is the older brother of ASU sophomore outfielder Hunter Bishop. Their mother, Suzy, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 54 in 2014, when Hunter was a junior in high school and Braden was a junior ballplayer at the University of Washington.

The charity was jump-started with a deadlifting event through the baseball program at Washington shortly after Braden got the news of his mother’s diagnosis. Huskies’ then strength coach, Dave Rak, suggested that Braden host the event to help raise money and create awareness for Alzheimer’s to support his mother.

The movement continued when Braden started writing ‘4MOM’ on his arm during games. When Washington played the University of Arizona on Mother’s Day in 2015, the Wildcats made the day ‘4MOM’ Day, showing their support. 

Braden created the charity shortly thereafter and continues to use his platform as an athlete to raise awareness for the cause.

4MOM is now partnered with one of the largest Alzheimer’s foundations in the country, Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles. They have hosted auctions and toy drives, and have apparel and accessories that help raise funds for research. It’s notoriety in the baseball community continues to grow.

To support to 4MOM and Alzheimer’s research, you can purchase the 4MOM bracelets on, or shop the apparel and donate at and follow them on Twitter @4MOM_ALZ.