Alhambra Hires New Football Coach

Story written by Allison Wdowiak

Alhambra High School has named Chris Crockett as their new varsity football head coach.

After George Medrano suddenly stepped down, Crockett was one of a handful of coaching prospects interviewed by a panel and ultimately chosen for the job.

“It was totally unexpected,” said Crockett to Sports360AZ.

Medrano met with all of the coaches and asked them what they wanted to do next season, with the coaches expecting him to return for the following season. “I was in the process of being varsity quarterback coach when Medrano stepped down,” said Crockett.

 After Medrano’s announcement, Crockett told him that he enjoyed coaching alongside him and he came over to Alhambra because Medrano was on staff.

 The New Jersey native comes with more than enough experience. Crocket has coached youth football for over 25 years, including South Mountain and North Central Pop Warner. For seven years, he held several coaching positions at Cesar Chavez, most notably a varsity assistant job under Jim Rattay. Crockett was the Varsity Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator for Trevor Browne in 2014, and recently coached the freshman football team at Alhambra.

 The former Marine and Police Commander said to Sports360AZ, “I think with my relationship with the freshman program, coaching and bringing those guys up, getting out to the feeder schools, my work ethic, having varsity head coaching experience gave me a little.”

 Crockett is looking forward to next season. The football team has a lot of sophomores and juniors who started last year and are returning again in the fall.

 “We’ve got a tough schedule but I think we’re going to do alright.”