Alabama Victory Impacts Three Arizona QB’s?

Tua Tagovailoa became a Alabama legend Monday night, throwing three touchdown passes, including the game winner in overtime for the Crimson Tide’ National Title game victory over Georgia. No true freshman quarterback had led his team to a national championship since 1985. Jalen Hurts, the starter for the Crimson Tide, is just a sophomore. That’s one crowded quarterback room.

Alabama has shown serious interest in three Arizona high school quarterbacks. What should those three and their families do now? I mean, it’s Alabama calling, but Nick Saban is loaded for the foreseeable future. Seniors Brock Purdy from Perry high school and Jamarye Joyner from Cienega are scheduled to visit the Crimson Tide campus later this month. Chandler quarterback Jacob Conover, just a junior, has strong interest from Alabama too.

Brock Purdy Ed Doherty TropyPurdy will visit Boise State this weekend, the following Friday head to Central Florida and then finish January on the Alabama campus. UCLA and UCF are scheduled to meet with Purdy in person in the coming days.
Joyner has visits to Baylor, Tuscaloosa, and Nebraska the next three weeks.
The two will sign Letters of Intent on February 7th.

client-8550Conover has another year of high school ball. I’ve seen him in person three times and there’s no question he has big time potential, but Tagovailoa showed throughout the national title game that he’s a special, special talent who’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Hurts is 26-2 as a starter for Saban.

This isn’t about being afraid to compete. That’s nonsense. All three of these high school players strike me as competitive. This is simply about not having space to get on the field for possibly three years. But the lure of Alabama, Saban, National Titles, and possibly being the next Tagovailoa may be too hard for them to resist.