FINAL VOTE: 2017 Best HS Football Celebration GIF

The stage is set.

We have narrowed 16 down to four with over 1,100 votes cast. 

These finalists remain for the 2017 Best High School Football Celebration GIF

“NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT” – Zach Bowers, Chandler

I’ve called Zach Bowers a heat-seeking missile (don’t believe me? Ask my good buddy Ralph Amsden). If there was a big gang tackle coming from the Wolves, it probably had Bowers in the middle of it. Chandler made a big tackle and “Bam Bam Bowers” (trying it out) wanted to let everyone know he wasn’t having any of it.

Zach Bowers

“Are you not entertained???” – Brock Purdy, Perry

We get spoiled by so many great high school football players in the state, and Perry quarterback Brock Purdy is at the top of that list. He kicked off (a lot) of scoring in the 6A state title game. He wanted to give the Perry crowd who made the trek down to Tucson some love.

Brock Purdy

“Caught it.” – Ryan Dobbs, Queen Creek

This is an oversimplification of what might be the biggest catch of the season when Dobbs came down with the game-tying Hail Mary catch to force overtime in the 5A quarterfinals, but the simple exclamation point of showing the ref the ball added to the allure and cold-bloodeness of making that play.

Queen Creek 2

“Walk It Out” – Jake Smith, Notre Dame Prep

Jake Smith was one of the breakout stars of this season and had plenty of opportunities to celebrate in his impressive junior year. He saves the flash for the field and gives a nice little strut and toss to the ref.


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