$200-Million for J.D. Martinez?

How high should the Diamondbacks go on the J.D. Martinez free agent bidding war? Martinez hired Scott Boras as his agent earlier this month. Now the buzz is Boras is seeking a contract that would pay Martinez $200 million dollars. Mind you, Martinez has played in more than 123 game just once in the last seven years.

The Diamondbacks have to figure out a way to balance the big contracts that are CURRENTLY on the teams books. Zack Grienke, Paul Goldschmidt, and Yasmany Tomas tie up quite a bit of payroll space. How do you take the number that you offer Martinez and work out a new deal with Goldschmidt without the numbers being used against you?

It seems as though Boras has made sure to put the pressure on the Diamondbacks from the opening day of free agency. He’s made the media circuit and put out enough over-the-top praise about Martinez to fill a writers notebook. How high will(should?) the Diamondbacks go on this one?