Lay Off Keim Criticism

Steve_Keim_CardinalsFor those who are starting to question the acumen of Cardinals GM Steve Keim, i’d once again remind you to tap the brakes. Are their draft picks that haven’t worked out? For sure. Happens all the time, but you have to look at the entire body of work before calling him a bum. Not happening out of this corner. Is it fair to wonder if Keim missed on Robert Nkemdiche? Yes. Is it fair to do the same with D.J. Humphries? I’d slow down on that one, injuries are more of a story with him in my opinion. I’ve gotten notes from fans going up and down the roster pointing out misses rather than hits.
ALLGM’s get ripped. I was fortunate to cut my NFL teeth with Bobby Beathard in San Diego. He made great moves all over the place, but fans only remember that he burned a high first round draft pick on Ryan Leaf. Beathard was the best NFL front office man I’ve seen and dealt with up until Keim.
Adrian_Peterson_CardinalsThis brings us to Adrian Peterson. Give me the downside on this move? Don’t you want a GM that is willing to go out and try to fix a bad situation? There’s not a lineman sitting around on the street corner in October that can open big holes. But, Keim found a future Hall of Fame running back that should be more productive than what we’ve seen so far this season, beat up offensive line or not.
The social media jokes about the Cardinals putting together a 2009 All-Pro team with Peterson, Fitz and Carson Palmer is funny to some, to me it just shows ignorance to what has been accomplished under Keims run.
No one deserves a free pass, Keim wouldn’t want one, and I’m not saying he hasn’t missed on some picks. The great ones all do…