Solar Panel: 10 Burning Questions

Just four weeks separate us from the start of the Suns season and to get you ready for the 50th anniversary of the franchise Dave, Espo and Tim are answering the second group of 10 of 50 burning questions all fans want to know:

40: Are you surprised by how the Alex Len situation played out and how does it impact this season?

39: Troy Daniels? Is he the back up shooting guard the Suns have been looking for or just a camp body?

38: The Suns now have two of the top 5 picks from a recent draft class. Unfortunately it’s the 2013 draft. Will Anthony Bennett ever play a regular season minute in a Suns uniform?

37: Is Alan Williams injury a blessing in disguise because now they can feature Tyson Chandler to up his trade value?

36: What would be the worst NBA Jam pairing on the current Suns roster?

35: the ESPN Future Rank which looks at potential success over the next 3 seasons had the Suns at No. 26. Will they do anything this season to change that opinion (

34: What’s the most important storyline at training camp?

33: Can you actually play Bender and Chriss together?

32: Who will be this season’s Alan Williams?

31: Suns filmed their intro video this week  What do you want the song to be?


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