Moon Valley’s Carlon: More Substance, Less Style

Bobby Carlon has the quiet confidence, some may say swagger, every coach loves.

When head coach Seth Millican took over the Moon Valley football program before the 2016 season some changes were made, a “re-brand” you might say, for the Rockets and how they handle their business on the field.

Part of the adjustment for Carlon was letting his high-level play, not dance skills, be the featured event each week under the Friday night lights. Millican’s message was simple: no more outlandish celebrations following big plays, particularly touchdowns.

The spotlight needed to be focused on the team, not one individual player Win as one, lose as one. There was no place at Moon Valley for individualism.

The hard-line stance was quite a change for the playmaking cornerback and wide receiver who was known to channel his inner-Victor Cruz and salsa dance in celebration.

Those days are over and Carlon is fine with it.

“Coach doesn’t like the celebrating and I understand it,” Carlon said to with a sheepish grin. “So I go by [what he says]. Score touchdowns and that’s it.”

The dancing may be gone, but the on-field production isn’t as Carlon not only paces the defense (he had a team-high five interceptions in 2016), he’s also the Rockets leading wide receiver through the first five weeks of the season.

“That’s tough,” Millican said with a shrug when asked which side of the ball Carlon fills the greatest need for MV. “I’m the offensive coordinator so I sort of lean to saying offense but having him at corner sort of makes our defense go.”

C YaWhile Carlon has toned down his act in the end zone, he still isn’t afraid to remind his opponents, in his own unique way, another big play could be just around the corner. He’s hopeful a strong senior season will land him an opportunity to play in college, whether it be by scholarship to walking on to a program.

“He’s kind of at the beginning stage of his ability,” Moon Valley wide receivers and cornerbacks coach Ronnie Sellers said to “I think he has a bright future ahead.”

Just remember to stay away from that end zone Salsa dancing, Bobby.