Elliott Suspension a Break for Cardinals

The Cardinals aren’t picked by the “experts” to do much this season. Go down the list of the teams in the NFC and Arizona falls somewhere in the middle. You need luck in order to have success in sports. Unexpected breaks have to come your way. It’s EASY to say that 2016 would’ve gone much differently if the Cardinals special teams were actually “special”. They weren’t.
It’s nice to say in August that IF David Johnson runs for a 1000 and catches for a 1000 the Cardinals offense will be unstoppable. I myself have never bought into the hype of August football.

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HOOOOOWWWWWEEEVVVEEEERRRR there was something that happened this week that without question is a big benefit to the Cardinals early season chances to get off to a good start. The suspension of Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott means that the Cardinals home opener against the Cowboys should be a W. Look, if I am supposed to buy into all of the August hype, then beating Dallas at home should happen. Elliott is viewed as one of the premiere running backs in the game. Darren McFadden shouldn’t be able to do much against a Cardinal run defense that is SUPPOSED TO BE really good. Take one of the best players in the game off the field and you should be able to win the game right? Then again,Tom Brady wasn’t on the field last year for New England against our hometown heroes and we all remember what happened that night.
I am not discounting the first two games of the season (at Detroit, at Indy).Most fans in Arizona won’t care about those matchups nearly as much as beating the Lone Stars. Without Elliott on the field, the Cardinals simply must win that game.