Rising FC Notebook-Drogba Debut, Trouble With San Diego MLS Bid?

IMG_6203Didier Drogba will make his much anticipated home debut on the pitch for Rising FC this coming Saturday.  How much will he play on Saturday? How will his 39 year old body handle the Arizona heat? What kind of shape is he in? What does he think of Phoenix to this point?  I’ve had a couple of brief interactions with Drogba  and he’s been great. I look forward to having the opportunity to visit with him further in studio. 


In the last month Drogba has done ONE extended interview, with the LA Times. http://www.latimes.com/sports/soccer/la-sp-usl-baxter-20170520-story.html

With Rising FC hoping to be a franchise chosen for expansion by Major League Soccer by the end of this year, it’s important to see what other cities that are vying for one of the two bids are going through. Earlier this year it looked and sounded like San Diego was a “sure-thing.” However that tone has changed in recent weeks. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/columnists/kevin-acee/sd-sp-acee-soccer-city-mls-san-diego-city-council-0604-story.html

This will be a big week for Rising FC lead owner Berke(pronounced Bear-Ka) Bekay. He will be opening his latest Kona Grill in Scottsdale on Friday and then Saturday watch Drogba and new Rising FC manager Patrice Carteron make their home debuts against Whitecaps FC2 at 7:30