VIDEO: New Rising FC Manager Carteron 1-on-1

Photographer name: Michael Rincon Home team name: Phoenix Rising FC Away team name: Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2 Shoot date: 6/10/2017 Location: Phoenix Rising Sports Complex, Scottsdale, Arizona/2017With all of the attention (rightly so) on the debut of Didier Drogba with Phoenix Rising FC, perhaps the bigger story last Saturday was the arrival of the manager who figures to be leading the franchise into the MLS and well beyond after Drogba moves into the Phoenix front office. 

Patrice Carteron has an extensive, impressive coaching resume. When he was hired last month, there was barely a peep from the fan base which surprised me. But then again, when you have a superstar like Drogba arrive, some thing may get overlooked. I wanted to learn more about Carteron and hear from him about his unique journey. 

Getting To Know Carteron

Who connected him with the Phoenix Rising FC board? What sold him on this job? What is his coaching background? What is his view of the team and the fans after his first match? How does he coach and work with star players like Drogba and Wright-Phillips?  Those questions and much  more in our  conversation with Phoenix Rising FC manager Patrice Carteron. Here’s his first extended interview in Arizona.