Porzingas and the Suns?

Kristaps Porzingas is as talented a player as you’ll find on a NBA roster. 7″3, 21 years old, averaging 16 points and 7 boards a game. He’s the closest big man  to Kevin Durant in terms of shot, length, ball handling, and ability. He’s unhappy in New York and now it’s being reported that Knicks GM Phil Jackson is considering a trade. Could it be any more clearer for the Suns to go make a deal happen to bring Porzingas to Phoenix? 


The Suns have the assets in place to be a major player on Thursday night. Do we have to sit through another year of standing on the sidelines when there’s a player who’s available that could immediately make them a playoff contender for years to come?Would GM Ryan McDonough trade Devin Booker for Porzingas? Should the Suns consider it? Yes. 

Bledsoe, Bender and Chriss, plus  the first round picks from Miami. Done…

If I can keep #4 or trade to #8 with the Knicks, put Porzingas with Booker and find the point guard to run the show, I’m good for years to come. I finally have a Big 3. If I have to lose Booker and 4, not happening.

How much of this brush fire around Porzingas is simply Phil Jackson being Phil Jackson and sending a message to the camp of the star player? Happens all the time.

We’ve all seen what Golden State has been able to do in building a title team. It didn’t happen overnight. The Suns could make two huge steps forward by trading for Porzingas, keeping Booker and the 4th pick. THAT combination would get everyones attention…