Espo – A Phoenix Sun is Quietly Setting

On Monday night my former boss but current friend and mentor Jeramie McPeek announced he’s leaving the Phoenix Suns for new opportunities.

For those of you who don’t know him, Jeramie was the Vice President of Digital for the Suns. He started out working for the old Suns Team Shop before becoming a PR intern. Over a 24 year span he was responsible for some of the most memorable articles and covers of the old Fastbreak Magazine. He started after being handed a fax about it — yes, a fax — and singlehandedly got the Suns involved in social media. He was also the one that subjected you all to my bad puns and jokes from the Suns accounts. So, he wasn’t perfect in his time running things.

We may not have always seen eye to eye. We may have even had a few heated arguments from time to time, but he had an immense impact on my career and on Suns fans as a whole.

You won’t see a press release, a farewell tour, a retirement ceremony or likely even a final column from Jeramie. He’ll quietly end his impressive run at the end of September as the Suns start their 49th season. While there won’t be any fanfare, he deserves our gratitude and praise for helping make the Suns digital channels the most fan friendly in the league. Things won’t be the same or as innovative without him.