Dry Heat Check with JCO and ESPO: Episode Hanley Frias

This is the second edition of the Dry Heat Check with Jared Cohen and Greg Esposito or also known as the Hanley Frias episode who was one of the original Arizona Diamondbacks and wore the number two.

The guys hit on NBA Free Agency with the Kevin Durant’s bombshell on the NBA landscape and how it impacts the Suns as well as Jared Dudley returning to town and why it makes perfect sense for the team. Summer League begins in a week and Jared and Greg give the players they are most intrigued to see as well as who will bring the biggest fan overreactions. And while on the top of Las Vegas, which Vegas based team best represents the current state of the Suns?

‘All of Nothing’ on the Arizona Cardinals is a huge success. The guys binged watched and give their best moments while Greg explains why Bruce Arians is becoming the all-time great Arizona sports personality.

Finally, the weekly staples of the show. In this week’s ‘trade, extend or release,’ Jared and Greg are giving three of the rising sports stars in this state and have to figure out what to do with each. This week’s #WetColdTake puts Jared on blast for his evaluation of one former Sun.

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