Behold, My-King: Tempe Pass Rusher Becoming National Recruit

At all levels of football, pass rushers have become a premium position with the way offenses are being run in today’s game. Here in Arizona for the 2017 class, there are no shortage of pass rushing prospects that are on the radar of schools at the next level.

One of those prospects at the forefront is Tempe High School’s junior defensive end My-King Johnson who had a monster 2015 season with 22 sacks and five tackles for loss. Those numbers paired with his 6’4″ frame are all over the radar of schools at the next level this spring. He currently holds scholarship offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Nevada, New Mexico, UNLV and Utah State.

“I was definitely hoping this would happen and I am very excited for it,” Johnson told Sports360AZ. “Yeah it’s a wee-bit overwhelming but it’s a good overwhelm so it’s a good thing to be excited for.”

Johnson realizes that his skill set at a coveted position is very much desired and his work this offseason has been centered around improving his strength and speed to make his ability to get to the quarterback that much greater.

“I do think a pass rusher has to be a big, athletic guy,” explained Johnson. “He’s got to get to the quarterback because nine times out of ten the quarterback is faster than him. So yeah I feel like I am cut out for the position.”

However at this position, instincts play just as much of a factor as speed and athleticism and because of the fact that Johnson has been playing at the varsity level since he was an underclassman, he is very knowledgable and experienced at the position and what goes into it.

“A lot easier because I’ve been here for three years, I’ve been able to do it for three years so I know what to expect,” mentioned Johnson. “More so maybe than someone who has been doing it for one year or two years possibly.”

There is so much pressure on these young football prospects today and when the offers start to file in, while exciting, he mentions it can be overwhelming. Johnson is able to get away from it all when needed with music. He is an impressive musician plays the Tuba and likes to sing.

“It’s something I do for fun,” he stated. “It makes me feel better.”

Johnson mentioned that his go-to song to play or warm-up with when playing the Tuba is ‘Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes.