Watson: Booker’s Break-Through Success No Accident

Most people inside basketball circles figured Devin Booker would have a solid pro career.

Few, except maybe a handful inside the Phoenix Suns‘ organization, expected the 19-year old to be this good this fast.

In an otherwise forgettable season “Book” has far and away been the bright spot and gives those living on Planet Orange a rising centerpiece moving forward. He has already broken a number of single-season franchise records and last week became the fourth-youngest player in NBA history to score 1,000 points.

“It’s very hard to put into words or to define,” interim head coach Earl Watson said of Booker’s immediate NBA success to Sports360AZ.com in a phone interview last week. “The maturity he has to handle the adversity we’ve had this season [compared] to the success he’s had this season…he separates the two and understands team is always first.”

Booker, unlike many of his backcourt mates, has managed to stay healthy through the rigors of his first season. He’s had to adapt to a new team, city, travel schedule and life.

Through it all he’s remained level-headed and driven to improve his game

“The thing about Devin Booker is this is not by accident,” Watson acutely explained. “When I first met him, the mindset he has–how he approaches everything from life to basketball is well beyond his years.”

Watson, a 13-year NBA veteran who played close to 900 career games with some of the NBA’s elite, knows his prized pupil is a special pedigree.

“He has the uniqueness and the likeness of the Kobe Bryant’s, of the Kevin Durant’s,” he said. “KD was my teammate in OKC…he’s on the same mind-set plane. His skill is at a different level. It’s beyond his years.”