Style and Superstitions With The “Everybody Wants Some!!” Stars

From the start of “My Sharona” to sights of short-shorts, mustaches and muscle cars, “Everybody Wants Some!!” leaves little doubt this movie is set in the 80s. The stars of the movie discuss how they got into the “80s mentality” and how the facial hair decisions were made.

The cast is also full of former athletes. The film does an excellent job capturing the team dynamic and all of the personalities that come with it. My favorite line of the entire movie occurs when a player is looking for his “lucky helmet”. The philosophical Finn, played by Glen Powell, asks why the most superstitious player on the team is always the one who sports a .230 batting average. That got me thinking…Do any of these former athletes have superstitions?

For some, yes.

Like a lot of them.

“Everybody Wants Some!!” is in select theaters and opens in Arizona on April 8th.