Boom or Bust? Nkemdiche taken by Cards

I like the pick.

images-2I understand that some do not. The Arizona Cardinals are not in the rehab business, nor should they be. Winning football games rather than showing players how to makeover their image should be the priority. Robert Nkemdiche reportedly jumped out of a hotel room window in Atlanta. He jumped because police were coming into the room where marijuana was present.

When I was at the Combine back in February, there were more than a few smart NFL observers who felt that Nkemdiche was the wildcard of the draft. He ran a 4.87 40, carrying a frame that is 6″3, close to 300 pounds. He was rated as the top high school football recruit in the class of 2013. While he only had three sacks in 2015, he was constantly double-teamed. More than one draftnik thought he was a top ten talent in this years draft.

The back story of Nkemdiche at Ole Miss has been well-documented. It’s a concern for sure. But, Β Steve Keim has had a track record of not shying away from players that may have had a check mark or two during their college career and I am fine with that. Tyrann Mathieu is the poster child. Give me more of him any day.

Tom Brady has the quote of “I love using the F-Word, we are not choir boys”. Great teams have to have a bit of an edge, some grit. Nkemdiche has plenty of talent and plenty to prove. He can use the ol “chip on the shoulder” trick to motivate him in a Cardinal uniform. The Cardinals landed a player that had much more talent than the 29th best player. I like the pick…