Earl Watson: During Season Commitment Sends You Home in April

While the story of Wednesday night in Downtown Phoenix was the farewell to Kobe Bryant, there was a statement made by Suns Interim Head Coach Earl Watson in regards to his team and not the future Hall-of-Famer that should not go unnoticed from the evening.

Watson, in answering his last question in his post game press conference, begin to speak on what the plan will be this offseason for the Suns. They are finishing on somewhat of a high note playing just under .500 basketball in the last two weeks. But Watson’s message is the fact that the offseason is coming and not long after the team’s final game on April 13th against the Clippers, the team will be back to work. Watson explains an unconventional plan that he plans for his team to have this summer centered around the notion that a winning culture and commitment to being great doesn’t just happen during the season, it is year-round.

All this being said and Watson may not even be the coach of this team, but there is no question that he is doing what he said he would do when he was named Interim Head Coach and that was doing more with this team and these players than focusing on winning basketball games right away.