Basketball an Escape for Murphy’s Intense Football Recruitment

To say this is a busy time for Saguaro star Byron Murphy would be the understatement of the year 2016 thus far. Murphy is one of the top undecided football players not just in the state, but the country leading up to National Signing Day next month.

Last weekend, Murphy competed in the U.S. Army All-American game. The intensity meter on his recruitment could not be higher and Murphy would not change it for the world. But it is still nice to have the opportunity to block out the questions of where he is going to commit.

His best opportunity to do so? On the hardwood with Saguaro’s basketball team.

“It definitely takes my mind off of it,” said Murphy after his Sabercats knocked off a hot Higley team on Friday night. “I still go out there and train so my mindset is still kind of there, but when I play basketball, my mindset is free and I am not thinking about all of that other stuff.”

“Coming in and being able to play basketball is a blessing,” he added. “With this team I have, I just love these guys.”

Football is the future for Murphy, but basketball has long been his past as it was a great love of his long before he strapped on a helmet for the first time.

“Basketball I have been playing since I was young,” he recalled. “I came up playing with my Uncle Mike Bibby, now I just feel blessed getting to play with this team. I had been playing that since I was younger and didn’t start football until I was in eight grade or seventh grade.”

“I am definitely going to college for football but basketball is definitely a blessing,” he added.

As mentioned, Murphy just recently traveled to San Antionio, Texas for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. He and his good friend Chase Lucas represented Arizona in the game. Murphy stated the one thing that he will remember the most from that experience.

“Definitely meeting the players,” Murphy stated. “That was my number one. We all got together, the west coast team, we all met and had a fun time. Just meeting those players was a big thing for me and also being able to be coached by the best high school coaches in the nation.”

Murphy announces where he will be making his college commitment this Thursday, January 21st at Saguaro. It comes down to his top five of Arizona State, Texas A&M, USC and Washington.