Colangelo Hired by Philadelphia 76ers

Former Phoenix Suns Hall of Fame executive Jerry Colangelo was named Chairman of Basketball Operations today by the Philadelphia 76ers. The fact that Colangelo has been brought in to clean up the mess in Philly speaks loudly about his desire to get back into the NBA. I think the Suns would’ve used a call or two(or twenty) from him over the last five years, but the call never came. I mention five years, because that’s the last time the Suns made it to the playoffs. Colangelo is in the Suns Ring of Honor and lives here in the Valley. He wanted to get back into the League but had to take a job in Philly to scratch the itch? At a time when the Cardinals are making a Super Bowl push, the Diamondbacks dropping 200-million on Zack Greinke, and the Coyotes building an exciting young nucleus our hometown basketball heroes are once again looking like a team that will be picking in the 11-15 range in the 2016 draft. Mediocre is never good. Colangelo would’ve never accepted it. Colangelo would’ve dumped Markieff Morris and his sorry act last year. But here we are once again with a player who plays and acts like he doesn’t want to be here. Current GM Ryan McDonough said over the summer that “actions speak louder than words” when it came to Morris. OK, what have his actions shown this season? Colangelo would’ve never put Jeff Hornacek in this situation with his contract. All of it adds up to a mediocre product. Colangelo would’ve never accepted it. Phillys gain today, is our loss.