Unimpressed. Cardinals win at Cleveland

The Cardinals are good, not great. They proved it once again Sunday in their 34-20 win at Cleveland. The defense let an inferior offense of the Browns put up big plays and the Arizona offense missed on a couple of easy shots. They trailed 20-7 to the Browns in the first half. Cleveland stinks. Let’s not sit here and sugarcoat it, the Cardinals still haven’t found their stride at the halfway mark of the season.

Great teams don’t leave plays on the field. Great teams put their foot on the throat of a bad team early and press down.
Cleveland quarterback Josh McCown showed great courage(stupidity?) dragging his battered body back on the field over and over Sunday afternoon. Browns receiver Brian Hartline dropped three balls that could’ve made a big difference for Cleveland. The Browns had a running back, Robert Turbin, who fumbled twice without much contact. Again, the Browns stink.

As the day progressed Cleveland lost their pro bowl corner Joe Haden and safety Donte Whitner to head injuries so of course the Cardinals imposed their will. But count me as one who is not impressed where the team is halfway through the season. You want me to be positive? 13-16 in third down conversions was very impressive (7-8 in second half). Happy now?
It’s hard to put a finger on why this team seems to have a on/off switch, which is something you never want to see, especially come playoff time in January. There-in lies the storyline for the second half of the season. Can Arizona become great? I don’t think anyone can answer that question today.