Setback, Backlash Helped Skowron Jumpstart Success

Living in 2015, social media represents some of the best but also some of the worst we see from our society. Unfortunately for Arizona Wildcats kicker Casey Skowron, he experienced the latter last season.

Arizona was undefeated when they hosted the USC Trojans on October 11th of last season. The Wildcats trailed by two late in the game when Skowron came in to kick a potential game winning field goal.

But he missed it off to the right.

After the game, Skowron was bullied, harassed and attacked on Twitter and social media receiving hateful and despicable messages. It represented everything that is wrong with people who think that they can hide behind their computers and phones and say whatever they want.

But since that night, Skowron has been rock solid, going seven-for-ten after the USC game in 2014 and is eight-for-eleven in 2015.

Skowron and Arizona tight ends and special teams coach Charlie Ragle sat down with and discussed how Skowron handled that tough October night in Tucson and how he has conducted himself since.