McClintock’s Hekking Mirror’s Outlook on Life From Mom who has Cancer

The 2015 high school football season was going to be a big one for McClintock junior offensive lineman Zane Hekking. It was to be his first as a starter at the varsity level.

But over the summer and weeks before the Chargers football team gathered for fall camp leading up to the season, Hekking motivation for football came to a screeching halt as he learned that his mother had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Hekking still went through his entire season as a starter with this on his mind and it was the outlook on life and motivation that his mom, Kelly Gibbs lives her life by that was an incredible example for Zane on how he was able to continue to live his.

Both Zane and Kelly sat down with to discuss what has been a life changing fall for their family both on and off the football field.