Sunrise Mountain Kicker Channels Inner Running Back on Fake Field Goal

A kicker can use his feet to have a huge impact on a game.  Sunrise Mountain junior kicker J.J. Nash did exactly that…but it may not be what you expect.

Sunrise Mountain had a solid hold on their game against Kellis High School in the first half, leading 51-21 with a few seconds left in the second quarter.  The Mustangs lined up at the 16-yard line and Nash was set up to kick the field goal.

But when the snap came to the holder, the junior broke to his left and handled a swing pass trying to make his way up field.  The only problem was there was a diving Kellis player at Nash’s feet.  Nash, who is also a soccer player, showed off some fancy footwork to evade the first tackler.  Time had expired in the half, so it was all or nothing for Sunrise Mountain to score.

Nash took the former.

He juked, spun, picked up a few blocks and dove for the end zone with a tackler on his back.  The emphatic spike of the football over the goal line was an exclamation point for the Mustang’s efforts Friday night.  What initially looked like a busted trick play turned into a touchdown run from Nash that would make Reggie Bush blush.

The sounds of the crowd questioning the call and expressing disbelief turned into chants of “J-J NASH (clap) J-J NASH”

Sunrise Mountain’s weapons were on full display Friday night, beating Kellis 72-28 to move to 9-0 on the year.  Moving forward, opponents will have to prepare for one more playmaker after Nash showed what he could do.