Streak Snappers: North Canyon Wins First Game In 20 Contests

North Canyon football had a 20 game losing streak on their hands.  That’s 20 times they had to rally after the scoreboard didn’t go their way, 20 times they went back to the drawing board, 20 times they said, “We’ll get them next week”.

Friday night they finally did, winning 41-21 over Goldwater.  After the game, you could see the the losses melting off their backs one-by-one.  The shoulder pads seemed a little lighter and the Rattlers were breathing a little easier.

The Okwoli brothers led the way for the Rattlers.  Nimi, a running back, ran for four touchdowns, and John, a wide receiver and defensive back, intercepted Goldwater twice, bringing one back for a touchdown.  Offensive lineman Austin Jackson fielded a shanked punt and returned it for a touchdown as well.

After the game, head coach Cornelius Bowick gave a tear-filled speech to his team urging the Rattlers to ride this wave to multiple wins and not fall into complacency now that the streak is over.

Though all streaks start at one, and the Rattlers started theirs Friday night.