A Twin Thing: Freese Brothers Leading the Way For Corona

It can take a long time for a quarterback and a wide receiver to get on the same page at the high school level. But that is not something that the Corona del Sol offense has to worry about with their starting quarterback and number one receiver.

Twins Austin and Dylan Freese have been throwing the football around to one another their entire lives. With Austin at quarterback and Dylan at receiver, the two have an innate connection that any signal caller and athlete on the outside would dream of.

Now they are using it to their advantage on Friday nights as they are seniors at Corona and trying to go out with a bang for their last year in high school.

“It’s pretty crazy,” said wide receiver Dylan Freese. “It’s just me and him out there just like in our backyard. It’s our senior year, it’s going to be fun and I hope it is going to last for a long time.”

“This year we knew coming into it that we had a pretty good thing going so we knew that this was going to happen on Friday nights,” said quarterback Austin Freese. “It’s different from last year because we are on top this time so it’s a good feeling. We’ll hold onto it for a while.”

From a coach’s perspective, having this connection already formed between two important players on your roster makes your life that much easier.

“They definitely know where each other is at all times,” explained Corona del Sol Head Coach Cory Nenaber. “They lean on each other, they are probably hardest on each other being twins and they both are just great athletes and great competitors.”

When Austin steps up to the line, there are even times where he can read a defense before a play and then make eye contact with brother Dylan, instantly getting on the same page.

“When he’s iso, we know what route we’re throwing,” stated Austin. “We’re going to throw it every single time. He has the best hands 0n the team so I am going to throw it to him.”

“We have a few audibles where we can just look at each other,” added Dylan. “We read the defense, we know what’s going on and we just dial it up.”

“When you play catch with the same guy your whole life, there is a little bit of chemistry,” mentioned Nenaber. “I think they look at each other and understand where they are going to be and they are both really good football players.”

Corona looks to make it 3-0 to start the 2015 season as they head down south to take on Buena on Friday night.