[VIDEO] Apache Junction Continues Tradition up at Camp T

The Apache Junction Prospectors behind second year head coach Vance Miller are changing the outlook on football in their community. Their numbers are up, their talent is up and their promise is as high as ever. After a 2014 season which turned some heads behind a very explosive offense led by quarterback Adam Abbatacola, the 2015 Prospectors are looking to take that momentum and run with it.

Despite losing a great senior class, this season the Prospectors return some key contributors on their roster including their Mr. Do it all in senior-to-be Tanner Garcia who had over 1850 total yards last season as a rusher, receiver and returner.

Contributor to Sports360AZ.com Jason Digos put together this video of the experience and the work put in by Apache Junction up at Camp Tontazona gearing up for the 2015 season.