Down To The Wire: Diamondbacks Sign Top Pick Swanson With Minutes To Spare

Dansby Swanson has a flair for the dramatic.

Whether it was a go-ahead home run in the late innings or a defensive play that would make Ozzie Smith backflip, Swanson found himself delivering in crunch time, without seemingly breaking a sweat.

The same can’t be said for the Diamondbacks faithful, as the were sweating whether the Vanderbilt shortstop would sign with the club before the 5 PM EST deadline Friday.  Swanson put pen to paper mere minutes before the clock struck five.

The Golden Spikes Award finalist finished the year batting .335 with 15 home runs and 54 rbis.  Reports coming in say Swanson signed for $6.5 million, over $2 million less than the pick value indicated.

This isn’t the first time the Diamondbacks have gone down to the wire in negotiations with a first round shortstop. In 2004, Scott Boras-represented Stephen Drew signed almost a year after being drafted.  Drew, a senior at Florida State, had exhausted his eligibility, so he was able to hold out until virtually the following year’s draft.

Had Swanson not signed, this would have been the second straight year the top overall pick could not come to terms with a team, as the Houston Astros and pitcher Brady Aiken did not reach an agreement in 2014.

Now Swanson can get to work and Diamondback fans can catch their breath.