Three Dots, Hundley lands in good spot, NBA TKO’s the fight

I’ve never been one to judge whether a sporting event is successful based on television ratings or pay per view buys. Lots of people turn their heads to observe car crashes or eat pre-processed fast food, doesn’t mean it any good for them.
So for me, the Clippers taking down the big, bad, San Antonio Spurs was easily the winner of a monster sporting Saturday.
Chris Paul on one leg, Tim Duncan trying to find his 28-year-old body to keep the defending NBA Champs alive. Didn’t happen…

Just so we are clear about the NFL draft process…Warren K. Zola is an expert in sports law and the business of sports from Boston College’s prestigious Carrol School of Management

I am sure that former Chandler high school star QB Brett Hundley is wounded deep down inside about falling into the fifth round of the NFL draft. He decided to leave UCLA early, told me in February on the show that he should be a first round draft pick(what is he going to say otherwise??). He was taken by Green Bay on Saturday afternoon and his life will never be the same again.CEBTG52WEAA7a9D

He has to put all of that behind him now. He has to see that he is going into a TERRIFIC situation. Being behind Aaron Rodgers is one of the best things that would’ve happened to him. I am quite sure deep down that he wouldn’t agree with me.