From Increased Size to Escalating Recruitment, PV’s Bridge-Gadd is a Name to Know in 2015

2014 was without question a big success for Paradise Valley in their first season under Head Coach Greg Davis. They had a very solid senior class which lead the way along with a couple underclassman in quarterback Daniel Bridge-Gadd and wide receiver Jacob Brown who took their games to another level.

For Bridge-Gadd, it was a breakout season as far as the rest of the state is concerned although those who are close to the Trojans program would tell you they saw it coming.

“I think it really made the entire state take notice that we are a team to not be messed around with and we have true players that can make some plays on the field,” said Bridge-Gadd. “Our goal is in our division is to win the whole thing. It’s the whole thing or bust. We’re coming out here every day to get that ultimate goal which is to go undefeated 14-0 and win a state championship.”

The Trojan quarterback looks almost like a different person as spring practice has begun for PV. He has gotten taller and has really filled out his body with a strict regiment this offseason.

“I am up to about 205 (pounds) now, 206 on a good day,” said Bridge-Gadd. “You’re just eating six times a day. Four big meals and just trying to put as many calories in my body as I can along with one to two lifts every day. 

Bridge-Gadd did not have an offer after the 2014 season ended. Now he has five which includes Eastern Washington, New Mexico State South Dakota State, Tulane and UNLV. Washington seems to be a Pac-12 school that is high on the quarterback and will visit him this week.

“I am not expecting an offer but I am expecting to get a little closer with their coaching staff,” he mentioned of Washington. “Get a closer relationship and hopefully other Pac-12 schools will take notice.”

One Pac-12 school that has without question had Birdge-Gadd on their radar is Arizona State who has already been through to see him. 

“ASU was down here recently and I got to talk with Coach (Mike) Norvell and I think we have a good relationship going there,” he stated. “We will see what happens but hopefully it starts heating up here pretty quick.”

What Bridge-Gadd brings to the table that no one on the field would ever notice is a truly unique pre-game routine on friday nights. While some players will blast hard, aggressive and fast music to get themselves pumped up, Bridge-Gadd tries to do the exact opposite.

“I like to be free and relaxed before games and I listen to comedy,” he explained. “Kat Williams, Daniel Tosh and Gabriel Iglesias. I just like to keep it loose and relaxed but at the same time be focused.”

By chance does Bridge-Gadd apply some lines he hears from those comedians to use as trash talk during games?

“I don’t really talk trash but if that’s something you do, those are great guys to follow right there,” he joked. “Those are some historical comedians.”

So if you ever see Daniel Bridge-Gadd hysterically laughing during pre game warm-up’s this fall, don’t worry that he might losing it, he is just listening to Kat Williams trash on people that buy Chryster 300’s because they think they look like Phantoms.