Peter King: Peterson Likely Too Pricey For Cards

By Nick Smith

One of the most intriguing offseason NFL rumors going around the valley is the possibility of the Arizona Cardinals making a trade for Adrian Peterson.

The Cards and Dallas Cowboys are the two teams who seem to be the most interested in the embattled Vikings running back. But according to ‘Monday Morning Quarterback’s’ Peter King, the chances aren’t high either team will begin the 2015 season with Peterson in their backfield.

“The biggest problem right now is that the two teams most interested do not in any way, shape or form, want to spend that much money for a 30-year-old running back,” said King told’s Brad Cesmat in a recent phone interview. “It’s three years, $45 million.”

Although neither team may be thrilled with the idea of committing that kind of money to an older running back, King believes the longer the Peterson situation plays out, the more likely Dallas will be to actually take the plunge.

“Jerry Jones is an emotional buyer,” noted King. “You don’t want to go to McDonald’s with Jerry Jones when you’ve missed two meals in a row because he’s going to order four Big Macs. He’s an impulse buyer. He had to be saved from taking Johnny Manziel last year. The longer this thing goes, the more likely I think it turns to Dallas.”

The Cardinals, by contrast, are cautious and calculated when it comes to making a big decision, according to King. Despite the allure of signing someone with the star power of Peterson, King doesn’t believe the front office or coaching staff of Arizona will mortgage their future for short-term gain.

“For a year or two it might be great,” conceded King. “Opening day, A.P. is on the team, the place is going crazy. But I believe that (general manager) Steve Keim and (head coach) Bruce Arians are not, in a football sense, going to let their emotions get the better of them and make what they consider a stupid trade for Adrian Peterson.”

Arizona may be able to get similar production from a running back via the NFL draft for far less money than they can pay Peterson. King believes that temptation may be a big part of what eventually keeps the trade from happening.

“They’d have to pay something fairly significant, let’s say a low round second pick,” said King. “There’s a very good chance a very high-caliber running back could be available around pick 45, 50, 55. So you could pick a 22-year-old running back and pay him, on average, one tenth of what you’d pay Adrian Peterson. I’m not saying the trade won’t happen but it will be very difficult to make.”

The draft begins April 30th.