Graham on Lloyd Carrington: “The Best Corner I’ve Worked With in My Career”

Arizona State Head Coach Todd Graham was a corner back when he buckled the chin straps for East Central University in Oklahoma. So it only makes sense that the players he is hardest on, are the ones that played that same position.

When the team breaks apart into position drills whether during spring or fall practice, Graham often will join the DB’s and harp on the little things and expect perfection. It’s a tough task for a corner to impress Graham which is why what Lloyd Carrington has done in his coach’s eyes is down right incredible.

As spring ball 2015 comes to a close, Graham noted that one of the most improved players on the team is his top defensive back Carrington.

“One of the most improved players in the spring and he is a returning starter,” said Graham. “That tells you a lot about him. I think he has positioned himself to have a big senior year. He’s as good as I’ve coached.”

“I’ve had my best spring that I have ever had this year,” mentioned Carrington. “Going into your senior year that is something that you want to have is your highest level of improvement. And I feel I’ve done that.”

In Graham’s eyes, Carrington is not someone who has just stood amongst this team in particular, he stands out as far as every player he has ever coached is concerned.

“Best corner that I have worked with in my career,” stated Graham. “He’s the smartest, he has the best character and he has the best technique.”

“It means a lot,” added Carrington of his praises from his Head Coach. “I’ve been around me for years, he’s sung my approval throughout the years so just hearing that from him is a great accomplishment. But there are still a lot of things that I need to improve on.”

With Carrginton mentioned wanting to have his best spring going into his senior year and he has accomplished it. That means the area’s that have been his primary focus are being executed for the most part.

“More of my playing the mental game,” Carrington stated. “Getting into receivers’ heads and also just working on my craft. My technique.”

Carrington explains the art that is playing the mental game against receivers and how he has learned to apply it to the field.

“Just learning the receiver and at the same time, you want to get in their head by playing physical,” Carrington explained. “A lot of the receivers, they try to shy away from the physicality so for the most part, it’s all about mixing it up and just having different techniques to use during a game.”

In 2014, Carrington had 59 tackles, six of those four loss, three sacks and one interception which he returned for a 58 yard touchdown to seal the win against Notre Dame. If everything expects to improve from there, he could have All Pac-12 written all over him in 2015.