2015 Girls Division I Arizona All-Academic Soccer Team

Based on the nominations from coaches, athletic directors and members of the Arizona high school soccer community, we introduce the 2015 Arizona All-Academic Girls Soccer Team for Division I, spotlighting the best the state has to offer both on the soccer field as well as in the classroom.

First Team All-Academic Soccer 2015: 

Gabby Martinez, Senior, Hamilton – 4.81 GPA

Madeline Morrow, Junior, Willow Canyon – 4.83 GPA

Danielle Egharevba, Freshman, Willow Canyon – 4.83 GPA

Brianna Atterbury, Freshman, Hamilton – 4.667 GPA

Amanda Bennett, Junior, Desert Ridge – 4.3 GPA

Chanel Thomas, Sophomore, Desert Mountain – 4.7 GPA

Emily Welp, Senior, Desert Mountain – 4.5 GPA

Charlie Kaiser, Sophomore, Basha – 4.4 GPA

Kate McKay, Sophomore, Desert Mountain – 4.5 GPA

Emma Robson, Sophomore, Hamilton – 4.6 GPA


Honorable Mention:

Cara Berth, Senior, Hamilton – 3.775 GPA

Kendyl Traube, Senior, Hamilton – 3.85 GPA

Ky Minifield, Senior, Hamilton – 3.85 GPA

Jordyn Fitzgerald, Sophomore, Willow Canyon – 4.36 GPA

Mackenzie Hughes, Sophomore, Desert Ridge – 4.2 GPA

Sophia Lettieri, Sophomore, Desert Mountain – 4.1 GPA

Gloria Petri, Senior, Desert Mountain – 4.0 GPA

Bethany Block, Senior, Desert Mountain – 3.88 GPA

Jessica Wong, Sophomore, Hamilton – 4.3 GPA

Maddie Wolf, Senior, Corona del Sol – 3.864 GPA

Jenn Carty, Senior, Corona del Sol – 3.951 GPA

Siena Firestone, Sophomore, Corona del Sol – 4.0 GPA

Olivia Nguyen, Senior, Corona del Sol, 4.o GPA

Amanda Witherow, Senior, Highland, 3.9 GPA